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A proper wine cellar is no longer something that has to be part of the original construction process of your house - Spiral Cellars now allow you to create your own. A Spiral Cellar is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way of building a wine cellar for your house because it means you don’t need an existing basement or cellar in order to keep your wine in the optimum conditions. Because of this, a Spiral Cellar is one of the most convenient, innovative and attractive wine storage solutions available.

Spiral Cellar From Above

We have joined up with Spiral Cellars and are the only showroom in the South West to showcase their pre-formed White Spiral Cellar.  It is a watertight, pre-cast cylindrical system that is sunk into the ground and can be located anywhere from kitchen to conservatory, workshop to study - wherever suits you.
The White Spiral Cellar that we have here at Sapphire Spaces is 2.25m deep and features a rectangular feature glass trapdoor, which is electronically operated.
This cellar can keep up to 1,360 bottles in perfect storage conditions and since, like a traditional cellar, it relies on the surrounding earth for its insulation, plus an ingenious air-flow system, it requires no power to maintain its constant temperature.
As well as wine, it can also be used as a traditional larder to store certain types of food and produce which need a certain temperature, but not necessarily refrigeration.
Following the initial cost, there are no more expenses - except for the wine itself, of course.

Inside a Spiral Cellar

To find out more about our spiral cellars contact us today, or visit our showroom in Exeter to see one for yourself.