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Project Brief - Modern Rustic Kitchen Design

In the serene area of Dittisham, this kitchen was designed in an oak frame extension of a renovated barn, designed with a busy family of five in mind we installed a mixture of bulthaup cabinets, Dekton worktops and 'zones' for each member of the family. This provided both quality products, alongside a beautiful design which is executed in a striking simplicity. As part of an open space, aesthetics were important, but it needed to be practical for the family lifestyle.

Kitchen Zones

In this family of 5, the kitchen is a busy place as everyone gets involved. There are 5 zones to give everyone their own space and the path of tasks has also been carefully considered to make it practical. Food, table storage and a drink/breakfast station being things often accessed - so they were planned outside of the main triangle for ease of access.

In the trapezoid room, we kept the island rectangular and set parallel with the hob run to create a funnel opening towards the dining area. The position of the boiling tap was carefully positioned so it can be used to save time on preparation, but can turn 180 degrees to the 'making drinks' triangle.

Kitchen Worktops and Areas

The contrast of the clean lines against the busy grain engineered wood gives a rustic twist to this modern kitchen which links the barn to the new space. For the worktop, Dekton has been the material of choice - being non-porous, easy to maintain and heat resistant. The cabinets are a mixture of bulthaup b1 and b3, using two different concepts to complement each other.

This marriage was intentionally done to keep in line with the budget without compromising on other details we wanted to accomplish:

  • The open library was created to soften the corner of the tall unit run when you enter the room. The detailing couldn’t be achieved in the factory and needed to be assembled on site. Visually we wanted to achieve the repetition of interrupted doors with handles on the front elevation and have the single thickness carcase for the library.
  • The bar top, looking strikingly simple, was tailored on the island to the millimetre. This needed a lot of care in the planning and installation.

It took precision to connect all the pieces around in conjunction with our support bracket at the end of the line to create the floating effect.

  • The uneven engineered wood wall made us think further on how to achieve a sharp detail with the floating shelves installation. We decided to fit an open box behind the engineered wood where we could fix the brackets and hide the LED lighting strip that would enhance the floating effect through the 5mm shadow gap created around the shelves.

"This project has been an absolute pleasure to work on, and so glad it is part of our ongoing story." Valerie LeCompte, Designer