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carl hansen & son TA001/ Dream Chair


Carl Hansen & Son's Dream Chair is a sculptural lounge chair that represents the encounter between Danish craftsmanship and Japanese design traditions.The Dream Chair pushes the boundaries of crafting with wood – and is Tadao Ando's tribute to Hans J. Wegner

The Dream chair is made of three-dimensional plywood, which has special characteristics that allow it to be curved along two axles during the molding process. Tadao Ando and the cabinetmakers at Carl Hansen & Son pushed the size and curvature of the plywood sheet in order to achieve the necessary characteristics of a chair, attaining a result beyond what was thought to be possible when working with three-dimensional plywood.

Available in oak or walnut with neck support, or with fabric or leather upholstery on the front side and an adjustable neck support.

Dimensions: Width: 80cm x Depth: 86cm x Height: 100cm (seat height 38cm)


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