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vitra Place Sofa

Jasper Morrison 2008

The Place Sofa is Jasper Morrison's new interpretation of what has become a modern classic: the low-slung lounge sofa with a decidedly horizontal emphasis. Uniting carefully composed proportions, great comfort and a conscious renunciation of decorative details, the Place Sofa exemplifies the characteristics of this sofa type in their purest form. The Place Sofa has successfully coupled the informal feel of the lounge sofa with precise finishing and expressive clarity, thereby renewing the typology firmly in line with his philosophy of ‘super normal’ design.
Voluminous, slightly rounded cushions invite the sitter to lounge and relax on the Place Sofa. The high-quality interior construction of the sofa ensures long-lasting comfort. Thanks to its modular structure, the shape of the Place Sofa can be individually defined and reconfigured at any time. The fixed elements can be supplemented with an ottoman and loose cushions.


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