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bulthaup b3

the kitchen living space

Liberating the design process from the usual conventions of floor plans which tend to use all the space available, the bulthaup b3 kitchen, devised by renowned designer Herbert H Schultes, looked to the walls for motivation when reimagining kitchen architecture.

Housing the gas, water and electricity as well as offering many options for interior organisation, the multi-functioning walls of the b3 are not only innovative and dynamic but beautiful and continuous. The clean, linear lines of the solid and delicate components are unbroken and simply give the appearance of the units floating elegantly within the open space.

Understanding the rituals of the western kitchen and more specifically an individuals own personal rituals were paramount when designing the b3.

The b3 is a kitchen of little fuss and maximum ease, one where the surfaces are clear and minimal and one where everything is within reach due to the skilful use of the wall boxes.!

The ingenious design features are intelligent and diverse: the joints with invisible seams using engineered components that are both clever and beautiful, the multi functional boxes for accessible storage, new technologies such as the e-touch doors on the refrigerator which softly open with a push and cleverly remove the need for unnecessary handles and the integrated lighting system that create optimum lighting for cooking.

The b3 kitchen will always be unique, with no two kitchens alike.

The design team at Sapphire Spaces look at the whole architecture of the space to see what works for every aspect and personal needs, offering sound solutions to any issues that may present themselves. There is limitless options to make this kitchen distinct: the choice to blend the kitchen in with the rest of the living space, the high quality materials like stainless steal, laminate, lacquer and solid wood and finally, as archetypal of bulthaup, the incredible craftsmanship of each and every piece.

What is created with the b3 is an exceptional, perfect kitchen that supports the space you have without compromising on absolutely anything.


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