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bulthaup b2

kitchen workshop

Collaborating with the cutting-edge Austrian design team EOOS and using the concept of the “workbench” as inspiration, Originating with bulthaup’s iconic workbench, designed in 1998, as the foundation to the b2, bulthaup sought to create a kitchen fit for a workshop with three functioning components that simultaneously disguise the working elements of the kitchen whilst remaining an open space in any rooms architecture.

This is established with constructing a work bench with sink and cooker for the main tasks of the kitchen and two component toolboxes to house the technologies and tools such as the refrigerator, kitchen accessories and ingredients. This radical approach away from the concept of the traditional open kitchen creates a space free from any disorder without forfeiting on the essentials, a space that allows for fresh-thinking and a new beginning with each and every moment it is used.

The kitchen comes together beautifully like furniture in the room, so you are able to fully appreciate the craftsmanship of each individual piece. When needed, the kitchen can be opened out to showcase the incredible details of the cabinets and to allow for ease and usability. When the cupboard doors are open, everything that is needed in the process of creating a meal is within reach and eye-view, making the b2 so minimalist and compact that it removes the need for miscellaneous drawers and extra cupboards. This adds real character, drama and functionality to using the b2 kitchen.

This kitchen has been designed to evolve around the needs of its owner. This can be done by adding extra appliance modules within the toolbox at a later stage, expanding the workbench according to the space, or changing the water points amongst many other options. This, combined with bulthaup’s simple selection of materials, which can also be altered throughout the kitchens lifespan, make the b2 a kitchen of ever changing possibilities.

This is a kitchen that reflects the diversity of life and those who live within it, how it is ever changing, expanding and developing new rituals.



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