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bulthaup b1

the essential kitchen

Simplicity is a key feature of the b1 kitchen, designed in Spring 2008 to give bulthaup fans a more affordable kitchen and the opportunity of investing in bulthaup without sacrificing and compromising on any elements of the bulthaup dream.

The b1 focuses on the essential needs of a kitchen and makes them beautiful, economical and perfectly performing. With its hidden ergonomic handles which create smooth and unbroken linear forms to the choice of corresponding materials, crafted from a few base elements, that marry together gracefully to make the components, the b1 is a kitchen that takes form and life of its own, looking more like a piece of art than a fully, functioning place to cook and eat. It is simply engineered to work.

The choices of materials are limited to evoke the timeless and modern simplicity of bulthaup: solid wood, stainless steel, glass and a select choice of finishes give the options of making the kitchen work within their space and for their personalities.

When it comes down to the bare essentials, the bulthaup b1 is the perfect kitchen.


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