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vola taps

The iconic VOLA tap was created in 1968 by Arne Jacobsen, the Danish architect who is world-renowned for his outstanding architecture and design. Commissioned to design a new type of wall-mounted mixer tap, Jacobsen had a vision for an entirely new concept; a design that concealed all of the mechanical parts, leaving only the handle and spout exposed.

Other than affording flexibility in finishes and colours, the Vola tap has stayed true to its design since 1968 – the mark of a timeless, classic design that never dates.  Produced from the best quality materials, a Vola tap lasts generations. However, if you did need a spare part, you can rest assured you’ll be able to get it in another 40 years’ time. This is sustainable design at its best.


Standing the test of time

Even in today’s world of ever-changing trends and fashion, VOLA of Denmark remains an icon, a tribute to a culture that worships pure, yet functional, design above all else.

When first introduced to the market, the minimalist VOLA lines of kitchen and bathroom fixtures were seen as a radical departure from existing, traditional design ideas and it quickly became a firm favourite of the innovative architects and forward-thinking interior designers of that time.

Arne Jacobsen designed a modular system which would include all the components necessary to cover every bathroom requirement. Over the years, this system has been developed to enable you to create the bathroom which suits your lifestyle, using individual combinations of handles, spouts, cover plates and accessories.

Water consumption is a hot topic in bathroom design and a challenge Vola face head on. Water-saving aerators and flow restrictors built into their designs are just as important as looks and usability.

For additional details about installing a VOLA product in your home then get in touch with us here. Or, explore the other bathroom brands that could be part of your next bespoke bathroom design project here.