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Forty years ago, in 1972, Teuco’s founder Virgilio Guzzini, started producing bath tubs in acrylic, revolutionising the bathroom world.

The Italian company – now a global brand – remain at the forefront of bathroom innovation and design, anticipating trends and introducing new concepts.

The Teuco whirlpool experience

Last year, Teuco replaced classic jets in their whirlpool baths with Hydroline: flush-fit nozzles, which appear as minimalist, unobtrusive slits but offer superior performance levels.

Not just visually appealing, Teuco combines this feature with their Hydrosilence® technology, reducing emissions by 70% so you can enjoy your whirlpool in peace.

Then there’s Teuco’s hydrosonic massage technology with four programmes to suit your needs: beauty, sports, anti-stress and tone-up. Twenty minutes of Hydrosonic’s deep tissue massage encourages lymphatic drainage, which helps smooth cellulite; allows muscles to recover after sports; and can help reduce stress and joint pain.

Then there’s Teuco’s patented Duralight material. An amazing solid surface, composite material that allows Teuco’s designers much more flexibility and pliability than standard sanitary ware.

Your very own steam room

Teuco was also the first company to bring steam into a shower enclosure. Their innovative steam system allows you to create a steam room – of any size – in your very own home, which heats quickly and stays steamy. With a power rating of between 2.9 and 5.8kw, the optimal temperature (of between 45-50°C) is maintained and steam constant. For the ultimate spa experience, you can add aromas and essential oils to the steam, and a lighting system, to indulge the senses and reinvigorate.

Uncompromising style

Teuco combines its pioneering bathroom technology with stunning design concepts, working with leading names in international design and architecture.

For the first time, the company has introduced bathroom collections, which not only include everything from to sanitary fixtures, taps, storage units, bath tubs and shower enclosures but also furnishings, such as carpets, armchairs, wall lamps, and chandeliers; the ‘Teuco total look’.

Teuco boasts an impressive collection of design awards, most recently: the Red Dot Award Product Design for their POP Limited Edition Accademia bathtub, and the iF Design Award and an Interior Innovation Award for the Seaside T08 bathtub with Hydroline.

We love Teuco’s multi-award winning Seaside bathtub, designed by Giovanna Talocci, for a heavenly at-home spa experience. With its streamlined design, concealing its features (even the taps are hidden), it combines stunning style with all of Teuco’s high end technology, such as Hydrosonic massage, and Cromoexperience, where the water lights up with the colours of the rainbow.

Next steps

For more information about installing a Teuco bathtub then get in touch by using the contact details here. Alternatively, explore the other bathroom brands available that could work alongside your designs.