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Founded 50 years ago by the Fallavena family, luxury bathroom manufacturer, Falper, epitomises Italian high end style and quality. It is an absolute pleasure to work with this brand. At Sapphire Spaces we could easily talk ‘Falper’ all day long.

Using a mix of contemporary and traditional materials, such as solid multi-layer wood, fine marble, stainless steel, lacquered glass and bio-based Cristalplant, Falper’s designs instantly become classics. Its range of bathroom furniture, washbasins, bath tubs and accessories are customised, technologically advanced and crafted with intense attention to detail. From the polyester polished lacquer and natural wood inside surface of the furniture, to its intelligent drawer opening system – these small, yet remarkable, details make a big difference to a bathroom.

The sizing and finishes of Falper’s furniture are created to meet the customer’s needs – and because of this originality, each product contains a unique serial number to identify them as Falper originals.

Classic designs

The iconic Wing basin, designed by Ludovico Lombardi, resembles a sculpture more than a sink and will create the ultimate talking point in your bathroom. It’s made from Cristalplant, a material that mimics natural stone but is softer to touch, hygienic and eco-friendly.

With a reputation for being eco-conscious, Falper often works with Cristalplant – a fully eco-sustainable product, which can be recycled and produces fewer CO2 emissions because it’s so much lighter than other materials. All of Falper’s wood finishes are water-based and its manufacturing waste recycled.

You can now create an oasis in your garden with Falper’s new collection of garden furniture and indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Designed by Giovanni Talocci, the freestanding bioethanol fireplaces and planters are portable, smoke-free, don’t require electricity and have an aroma diffuser – but, above all, like all Falper products, they make exquisite design features for your home.

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