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bard & brazier

British towel rail manufacturer, Bard & Brazier, are proud of their long history and heritage, synonymous with sophisticated quality and innovation.

Each product is created with special attention: brass tubes are bent by machine then shaped by hand, dull brass is polished to perfection after hours of labour, and ball joints are individually brazed.

It takes about seven hours on average to make one Bard & Brazier towel warmer, before it is pressure tested for leaks and finished in chrome, nickel and gold.

Intricate design in its purest form

Bard & Brazier is known for its attention to detail, evident in each collection, from the invisible valves in the D-Rail, so clean and minimal, to the giant Baronial ball fittings, originally designed for a client’s baronial home.

Bard & Brazier’s products use d-zinced brass as the base metal – the purest form of brass that will never corrode. Silver solder is used for soldering because it offers a softer, better quality finish.

The brand never compromises on quality and this is why we love them.

Tailor-made Towel Rails

Not only does Bard & Brazier reflect the fine art of British engineering but because it’s a UK brand, it offers a completely bespoke, custom made service. Each product can be made to any size, colour and order.

If you want to add a touch of glamour and decadence to your bathroom, have a look at the bespoke designed, marble-topped basins in the Hepburn collection. For a more modern, angular effect, Zingo Sultan is beautifully sleek and lustrous. The ever popular, elegant D-Rail has valves ingeniously hidden in its legs, so nothing detracts from its classic design. Don’t forget Bard & Brazier towel rails can be tailored to suit your bathroom, rails removed, and the size altered – anything is possible.

Bard & Brazier epitomises great British design, build and innovation, offering exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

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