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“The rule is “cultivation of beauty”, especially when beauty is rich in history and traditions”

Founded as a small family business in Florence in 1962, Artelinea specialises in exquisite, deluxe bathroom design and accessories with the notion of “Made in Italy” at the heart of the company. Their collections feature signature bathroom pieces such as bathroom furniture, mirrors, lighting, basins and tops, flooring, wall coverings and accessories and are specifically designed to either be adapted to the environment already existing or to redefine the entire space to create something truly bespoke.

Inspired by the juxtapositions of classic aesthetic with innovative technologies, Artelinea aims to bring interpretations of traditional bathroom design along with contemporary details and their groundbreaking inventive technologies such as the use of materials like the hybrid ceramic glass material Opalite and sophisticated and updated LED lighting technologies.

Every single piece of Artlinea goods, from the smaller accessories to their larger bathroom furniture pieces, are created in their factory in Florence by master craftsmen who pay special attention to every single detail ensuring quality, beautiful aesthetic, usability and innovation.

Artelinea has the benefit of thirty years collaborating with architects, designers, innovators, decorators and artists alike which puts them ahead of many of their counterparts. Remaining honest and true to their foundations, Artelinea offer design solutions for every need.

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