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The sister company to Dornbracht, German bathroom designer Alape has been producing high quality sanitary ware since 1896.

What makes Alape stand out is the glazed steel it uses to produce basins and washstands. The material creates perfect, flat shapes you simply couldn’t achieve with any other product. Light and beautifully delicate, the glazed steel is super strong. In fact, it’s tougher than emeralds and granite, and extremely hard wearing.

A wafer thin enamel surface is baked on to the steel, which forms a hygienic, non-discolouring, non-corrosive, scratch resistant surface. Supreme quality you can rely on.

Design pioneers

Alape works with three design partners to create their impressive portfolio of products.

Sieger Design’s partnership with Alape spans three decades. The agency is responsible for the ingenious, totally flat Blue Betty washstand, with its sheet of water that magically disappears, challenging the conception of a traditional basin.

Gerhard Busalt of Busalt Design has been working with Alape since the Nineties. His fascination with glazed steel led to the development of the C-trough and elegant dish basin.

London architect Yorgo Lykouria – renowned for developing the interior architecture of the Sony Centre in Berlin, the Posttower in Bonn and Terminal 2 at Cologne-Bonn airport – is committed to achieving the perfect balance of beauty and function in his work with Alape.

Together with its long-standing design partners, Alape has invented some of the bathroom world’s best-loved, classic designs, including the sink basin, the built-in basin and the bathroom cabinet wash table combo.

Brilliant white

Alape has introduced a new Brilliant White furniture finish, Firnis, to create the ultimate bright white, high glass bathroom in an exceptionally hard-wearing material.

To produce this robust, moisture resistant finish for front panels and counter tops, a layer of white melamine, protected by transparent varnish, is cured with UV light. Joints are fused together using a high tech laser process to produce a seamless effect.

Furniture modules, counter tops and tall cabinets can be ordered in Brilliant White Firnis, working harmoniously with the white of Alape’s washbasins and washstands.

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