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Cooking as a way of communicating...

Posted on May 23rd 2018 by

Whilst many of us were celebrating The Royal Wedding and sporting events around the country with friends and family, bulthaup were hosting their infamous furniture show in Milan... Cooking as a way of Communicating.

If you are not familiar with the bulthaup b3 kitchen living, this brand provides multi-functional kitchen living spaces. Utilising authentic materials, craftsmanship and design that makes focusing on what really matters possible.

Two new systems were presented in Milan this weekend: A reinterpretation of the bulthaup b3 island, which focuses more than ever on communication and togetherness. And b.architecture, a whole-room concept that facilitates a creative system to reflect your lifestyle and needs.

As with all bulthaup kitchens each design is specific to your requirements; depending on how you and your family like to cook and entertain. From end-to-end worktops through to island storage spaces for things that are needed in the adjacent dining and living areas. 


The b3 island above is equipped with an open sink in stainless steel and sliding worktop elements, perfect for direct and ergonomic access from above. You are able to move the elements from both sides using the free space created from the functional storage area. Gone are the days of drawers and pull-outs, this flexible design allows you use the dividers and accessories how you choose.

These small modular elements are integrated directly below the worktop surface, keeping the accessories close at hand. A knife designed for fruit and vegetable preparation, accompanied by oil that restores blade marks in the chopping board; the boards are specially designed, using water-resistant and food-safe materials. Alternatively, you could have a pull-out storage space for tools, accessories or even spices. 

bulthaup architecture

Bulthaup certainly has a way to focus the eye on the most important parts of the "Heart of the Home". Whether this is a worktop or open sink, the island is the central gathering point, allowing you to prepare food for guests and family, while comfortably being together.

It's these needs that provide the inspiration for b.architecture; and allows us as designers to enrich your lives with moments of quality, reflecting your lifestyle, whilst factoring in the essential space saving ideas, accessories and the focus of cooking and water.

Choose from cooling and heating sections, controlled using intuitive bars, each having a pictogram on each side representing different temperatures. How you position these depends on how you want each area to be controlled.

Herbs held in special pots are positioned freely along the linear openings; they cleverly draw up just the right amount of moisture needed from a small water tank.

If you wish to see what bulthaup has to offer then please drop into our Showroom, opposite Dart Farm.


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