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An early Wegner classic returns

Posted on September 21st 2016 by

Hans J. Wegner, undoubtedly one of the most original and influential furniture designers Denmark has ever produced, is having a renascence thanks to iconic furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & sons.

The classic 1950 lounge chair was Hans J. Wenger’s first in a series of designs that reflected his gift of distilling a construction down to its very essence whist delivering character and style. All of his designs were given model numbers and it is the CH22 which has been relaunched and is exclusively available through Sapphire Spaces in the South West.

The CH22 epitomises his talent coupled with Carl Hansen's philosophy of using high quality, sustainably grown and sourced Scandinavian wood has enabled this classic to be reproduced, which would sit pride of place in any lounge room.

In designing the CH22, Wegner also created a blueprint for transforming the lounge chair – a design that has never been manufactured and was evidently not even produced as a mock-up. This previously unknown design, with the model number CH26, bears a striking resemblance to the CH22, sharing many of the design elements so characteristic of Wegner: organic shapes, bold backs, light-coloured wood and woven seats. Because Wegner intended for the CH26 to serve as a dining or desk chair, he gave serious consideration to the chair’s proportions and its height in relation to tables, adjusting the CH26’s frame and seat structure to enhance strength and stability.

The CH22 and CH26 are available in solid oak and walnut as well as a combination of these wood types with various finishes. The seat is available in natural or black paper cord.

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