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What's the best kitchen worktop?

Posted on June 6th 2016 by

kitchen worktopChoosing the right worktop for your next kitchen design shouldn’t be a chore. With so many competing factors ranging from finish to functionality, find out what the best kitchen worktop would be for you by reading our guide.

The different kitchen worktop types:

Worktop Summary

Worktop Key Points Heat Resistance Wear and Tear
Stainless Steel  An industrial aesthetic, offering an unparalleled heat and stain resistance, and its surface naturally aids kitchen hygiene. Up to 1400°C Will mark through continual wear and tear, although more often than not this just adds character. 
Hardwood Natural colour variations offer a fascinating range of options that can cater for any kitchen design We’d advise using a cover for hot items Oiling, sanding and regular cleaning are essential to keep your surface in best condition.  
Granite The epitome of classic kitchen elegance and each slab features its own unique colours and markings.   Up to 200°C Strong and durable surfaces but placing hot pans on them is not advised and they have a susceptibility to staining.
Quartz Consistent colouring and shading means your worktop will match your kitchen's design. It is also hardwearing and very easy to maintain.  Up to 160°C Highly durable and they're resistant to stains, chipping and scratching.
Dekton A highly superior surface, with a high level of resistance. Features anti-bacterial technology, comes in three different textures and is available in over 70 colours. Up to 800°C Extremely resistant to impact, scratches and stains. 
Laminate An unrivalled number of colours, textures and finishes. A well-fitted, high pressure laminate can last a lifetime. Up to 180°C Does not scratch easily. They are also extremely versatile, easy to clean and resistant to most household chemicals.
Corian Available in a range of colours, Corian boasts subtle mixture of natural elements and acrylic, and it can be modelled to give a seamless finish to your kitchen.  Up to 180°C Less resilient to heat, impact and scratches than other work surfaces but it can be easily repaired should damage occur.

Stainless Steel Worktops

stainless steel worktopsWith a growing trend in industrial style design, sleek stainless steel worktops makes the perfect addition to a contemporary kitchen.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Worktops:

Slick industrial aesthetics combine with practicality to offer heat resistance, stain resistance and with no ability for germs to penetrate the surface it’s an ideal choice for helping with kitchen hygiene.

Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Worktops:

The bright metallic surface might not last for long as the metal patinas – so if you’re looking for an immaculate surface it might not be for you. Often though the wear and tear often just adds to the warmth and appeal. 

Hardwood Worktops

Hardwood WorktopsWooden worktops can complement almost any new kitchen design. The traditional hardwoods; Oak, Maple and Beech blend perfectly with our more traditional designs, whilst Bamboo, Wenge and Iroko offer a distinctly modern feel.

Advantages of Wooden Worktops:

Including them adds an impressive warmth and character to any kitchen design – whether you’re looking for something classic or contemporary. Plus, if you’re thinking of using Oak it has a natural resistance to water – perfect for sink surrounds.

Disadvantages of Wooden Worktops:

As it’s an organic product you’ll need to give it a helping hand by regularly oiling the wood to seal the grain. So it’s a high maintenance option. It’s also not too difficult to end up burning, scratching or cutting the surface through cooking; although sanding back and re-oling can restore its original beauty. 

Granite Worktops

Granite WorktopsFor something delightfully classic then contrasting slabs of granite are a firm favourite.

Advantages of Granite Worktops:

As a natural resource the different slabs of granite which complete a kitchen will have varying shades, patterns and inconsistencies. So your kitchen will have something completely unique that can’t be replicated again.

Disadvantages of Granite Worktops:

The joints between slabs are going to be visible but a good installer will make them as inconspicuous as possible by using a matching coloured resin adhesive. And when you’re cooking? The porous structure of granite can mean it’s susceptible to staining (although sealants can be applied to limit this)

Quartz Worktops (Engineered Stone Surfaces)

Quartz WorktopThink of Quartz as an upgraded version of Granite. Natural quartz combines with resin binders and pigments to create to thing of beauty.

Advantages of Quartz Worktops:

A consistent coloring and shading means what you see in our showroom will be what you get in your kitchen. Unlike Granite it’s non-porous, so issues with staining aren’t an issue. Different brands offer different colour palettes and Silestone even offers Bacteriostatic Protection, an anti-bacterial compound that prevents the propagation of bacteria.

Disadvantages of Quartz Worktops:

Just like Granite, placing hot dishes directly on the surface isn’t advised. Plus, things like Silestone’s Bacteriostatic Protection can’t be easily seen so make sure you’re buying the real thing.

Dekton Worktops

Dekton WorktopsDeveloped by the Spanish company Consentino, Dekton uses innovation to cut down effect of thousands of years of metamorphic change to stone, down into four hours. The result is spectacular.

Advantages of Dekton Worktops:

  • This superior surface is highly resistant to heat meaning bakeware can be placed directly on the surface without burning, scorching or cracking.
  • It’s non-porous and does not contain resins, it is chemical resistant and never needs to be sealed. Dekton naturally prevents liquids and gasses from penetrating the surface and even splashes of bleach, drain cleaners and oven degreasers won’t harm it making a great alternative to stainless steel.
  • Available in various finishes Dekton can be installed in thinner sheets, including a super-slim 8mm option. With over 5 times the fracture strength of granite, Dekton can span greater areas allowing up to 12 inches of unsupported overhang on countertops, islands and bartops giving more freedom to your design and a long-life work surface that is hygienic and easy to clean. 

Disadvantages of Dekton Worktops:

There don’t appear to be any!

Laminate Worktops

Laminate WorktopsJust because Laminate is the staple for regular kitchens doesn’t mean you should exclude it when considering an upgrade:

Advantages of Laminate Worktops:

There’s an unrivalled selection of colours, styles and textures which can be incorporated. The quality of these varies but investing in a high-pressure laminate that is fitted with care and well looked after means it can last a lifetime.

Disadvantages of Laminate Worktops:

Choosing a professional installer is essential when it comes to laminate, particularly as vulnerable areas such as sink and hob cut-outs need to be correctly cut and sealed. If water leaks into it, then that can spell the end for your worktop.

Corian WorktopsCorian Worktops

The brand name of the beautiful man-made worktop material, Corian resembles stone which is made of natural minerals and acrylic.

Advantages of Corian Worktops:

Choosing Corian offers a customer best protection because of a well-regulated installer and fabricator network operated by its manufacturers DuPont.

The best bit? Corian offers the buyer limitless bespoke design possibilities because it can be thermoformed to any shape. The surface and can easily be shaped to create a fully-moulded kitchen run with a seamless, integrated sink.

The Disadvantages of Corian Worktops:

Corian is less resilient to heat and scratches than other surfaces but is fully reparable should any damage occur. With specialist polishing Corian can be restored to its former glory.

Made your choice?

To chat through in more detail about any of the worktops we’re able to offer; their advantages or disadvantages, or to explore how they could complement your new kitchen design then why not call us? We’d be happy to talk things over.  Our number is 01392 879320.

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