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Devon Life August 2014 Feature

Posted on August 31st 2014 by

Back to Press.Devon Life Page Bathroom Bliss - Sapphire Living Space

Devon Life - Bathroom Bliss - Sapphire Living Space


Bathroom BLISS

It’s time to think carefully about creating your own sensory experiences in the bathroom says DAVID ASPINALL, Design Director at Sapphire Living Space

More and more I work with clients who are looking to create a tranquil spa environment at home and, with manufacturers increasingly focused on offering sensory products, achieving this might be easier than you think.

Where people go wrong is to not do it properly. Putting a sauna in the corner is no longer enough and it takes more than a few white tiles to achieve a clean, minimal room that is inviting and calming.

Creating a home spa needs careful thought and planning if you are to achieve a space that can be both invigorating and relaxing whilst still perform as an everyday bathroom. When done properly, however, this luxurious space can add value to your home. The bathroom is such as important and personal space that many potential purchases head straight for it when viewing a house.

So why are so many of us choosing to invest in our bathrooms and create our own home spa? Imagine the joy of having a steam at home and not having to worry about how you look in front of others or coming home from a hard day and lying down in your own relaxing horizontal spa shower. Not a morning person? How about waking up with a multi sensory shower?

Increasingly clients are opting to wind down at home and who can blame them? Why not let your own hydrotherapy bath stimulate the blood circulation in your body before heading up to bed for the deepest, most relaxing sleep possible. To me that is much more appealing than finishing a session in the local health spa, getting dressed in a communal changing room then having to ‘wake up’ for the drive back home.

Is this some hippy-dippy notion or a passing fad, I hear you ask? I think not. It wasn’t so long ago that a ‘luxury’ kitchen was a space crammed with as many wall units as possible and integrated appliances were for the select few. Move forward a few years and wine coolers, built-in coffee machines and boiling water taps have become more common place with an integrated bin as standard!

So now we have our kitchens sussed it makes perfect sense to move on to the bathroom and let technology and design merge to form a sense of relaxation like no other. In fact, the move towards more ‘boutique-chic’ designs began a couple of years ago when wetrooms started to gain popularity.

The desire for a shower or bathing experience means today’s products not only have to look the part but need to offer something extra.

Now baths can be filled in advance from an app on your phone and will even remember your favourite temperature and depth.

The Toto Neorest bathtub is available in sizes for one or two people and is designed to create a sensational experience of relaxation with features such as underwater lighting which diffuses through the water to encourage a range of pleasant moods depending on the colour. The Hydrohands technology warms and massages the lower back with its soft spiralling flow, while air bubbles rise gently upwards through the bath.

And for those of us who rarely have time to take a long soak? The HI-SPA 600 shower by Aquademy may have the answer. The combination of aromatherapy, 16-colour chromotherapy lighting and 4 different water-patterns offer an all-encompassing wellbeing experience. Pick a colour that fits your mood and choose from either the invigorating waterfall massage action of maybe you would prefer the tropical rain or relaxing nebuliser effect to stimulate your senses.

With so many well designed products available there has never been a better time to redesign your bath and shower rooms.

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