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When Objects Work

Posted on May 21st 2014 by

William Morris famously observed that you should ‘have nothing in your houses which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’ and When Objects Work was founded on that principle.

The Belgian based company was started by Beatrice de Lafontaine who would, in her past life, add the finishing interior touches to brand new buildings. Realising the limitations of the objects available and their impracticality, Lafontaine responded by doing what any self-respecting creative would do, and set up her own company. 

Lafontaine has commissioned pieces by many renowned designers and architects from around the world but it is her collaboration with British architect John Pawson that has thrown up some of When Objects Work most famous pieces – low-stacking cooking pots and a bowl that can roll in any direction and stay put thanks to the ingenious design and manufacture.


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