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bulthaup solitaires range

Posted on April 25th 2014 by

As a leading luxury kitchen and bathroom showroom in the south-west. Part of what enables us to claim this reputation is our commitment to exclusivity, for instance, we’re currently the only showroom in Devon & Cornwall partnered with the masterful designers at bulthaup.  In fact, some of our all-time favourite pieces at sapphire have come from opulently inclined minds of the bulthaup brand, and we believe their new collection is destined for equal greatness.
Launched in Milan this month the solitaires range of kitchen ‘elements’ from bulthaup are at once aesthetically astounding, and immediately enticing. The range consists of 5 pieces, or elements, all of which were inspired by simple geometric principles. The pieces all feature bulthaup’s signature elegance and ingenuity, a combination which always results in truly breath-taking designs. Each of the elements are designed for a combination of materials and functions, with the owner being able to select a combination that meets their purpose perfectly. There frames are designed around the simple combination of a circle and lines that intersect it, creating rectangles. bulthaup have used this to create a range that is entirely customisable, the height and width of the elements can be changed with ease, in what they see as a move to truly democratise furniture.
The results of this combination of intelligent design and functionality Is a range that is not restricted by faces and angles, the elements can be accessed from any side. This, when combined with the level of tailoring bulthaup are making available, results in a kitchen experience that is entirely focused on the user. Perhaps two of the most functional elements in bulthaup’s new solitaires range are the preparation element and presentation element combinations available. These elements are shelving and cupboard solutions that will turn your kitchen in to a gallery. They both feature drawers which can be opened from any side, in the case of the presentation element this is dependent on the tracks, and they both are constructed out of the finest materials. The preparation element is crafted from matte anodized aluminium and solid oiled wood, creating a sensuous aesthetic. The presentation element features a glass top that displays the innovative geometric design, and glass-sided shelves in a range of materials including aluminium, walnut and oak. These two contrasting elements can be modified by the user on a whim, and their functionality increases exponentially because of this.

The other elements in bulthaup’s solitaires range are equally impressive. The shelving element is slim unit that extends the worktop upwards, presenting the user with a unique storage opportunity. The shelves feature aluminium and a minimalist design, allowing for their contents to be on full display. Also revealed at bulthaup’s Milan event was the truly inspired cooking table. The cooking table is an entirely unique creation, appearing as a sleek solid wood table supported by solitaires signature aluminium when closed. However the table is opened to reveal a stunning concrete cooking surface, controlled by analogue dials. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before and looks set to further turn a kitchen space into a living area. The table’s luxurious materials and relaxed feel create a remarkably sensuous, cooking experience.
This new range by bulthaup is one of their most daring, inventive and appealing. At sapphire living space we already feel privileged to be able to provide our customers with bulthaup’s other luxury products and designs. The new solitaires range is striking and highly functional, and we can’t wait to bring it in and show our Exeter showroom’s visitors.

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