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bulthaup recognised as top German luxury brand

Posted on February 24th 2014 by

At Sapphire Living Space we’ve made a commitment to only offer our customers the highest quality bathroom and kitchen fittings. We understand that everyone’s tastes are unique, and ensuring we are supplying these high grade materials across our variety of designs is of upmost significance. We also know that every detail is important when designing a new space in a home, and we’re proud of the broad range of luxury fixtures we have available, both at your request and in our Exeter show room. Through partnerships with international brands such as bulthaup, we are able to maintain this level of quality throughout our various services and products.

Our partnership with bulthaup allows us exclusivity with in the south-west, our Exeter show room is the only place to see bulthaup’s latest innovative and highly functional kitchen designs. We have a range of bulthaup kitchens at our disposal, each suited to particular tastes and to serve particular purposes. A brilliant instance of this is one of our favourite kitchens, B2 on our website, which is stunningly inspired by a carpenter’s workshop.

In fact, just last month our friends at bulthaup were successful in placing 1st Kitchen brand in WirtschaftsWoche Magazines list of the top 30 luxury brands in Germany. WirtschaftsWoche is a well-respected weekly Business paper, and this is the second time bulthaup has made the list. In fact this is the second year running that they have secured the same position, beating out the competition by successively getting higher scores. It’s also worth mentioning that the magazine’s list was not limited to luxury furnishing companies, but also included leaders from the automotive and other industries.

Of course it’s not down to luck that our partners at bulthaup were able to retain this position, rather, it is a testament to their skill and ever-impressive craftsmanship. bulthaup is consistently able to blend perfectly engineered functionality and awe inspiring aesthetic design to create spaces that not only suit their surroundings, but also improve them. We are proud to be able to work with a company such as bulthaup to bring our customers their dream kitchens, in part because of our shared passion for innovation, and in part because we truly believe their products to be of the most superior quality.

Ultimately bulthaup is an independent company that is pushing the kitchen market forward thanks to its commitment to innovative ideas and risk-taking strategies. For this reason they seem to be the perfect match for us at Sapphire Living Space, as we too are fundamentally concerned with changing people’s interactions and relationships with their environment. After all of that, we really just wanted to congratulate our friends in Germany, well done!


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